Young Inventors

Welcome to the Brunel Young Inventors competition homepage.

Here you can find the details of the competition, including the rules, judging criteria and the full terms and conditions.

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Happy inventing!

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The Challenge

Invent something which can help protect the earth’s future.

This could be for:

The Land – Wildlife needs somewhere to live, we need somewhere to grow food and build houses, how can we help?

The Water – How can we help our oceans and rivers? The Air – Can you think of something which can reduce pollution?

The People – Important issues affecting people include girls and boys being treated the same, people having enough food to eat

For some inspiration, think about wind turbines, solar panels, electric cars, all things which mean we burn less fossil fuel.

How to enter

Once you have an amazing invention in your mind it’s time to bring it to life!

Working on your own, or maybe as a team with your classmates, make a drawing, either on paper or digitally, you can even make us a video if you want.

Then write down how your invention works, what problem it solves and anything you want to tell us about it.

Once you’ve done that, send the file(s) to 

The closing date for entries is Friday 10th of July

How will it be judged?

The judges will be asking 3 questions about your inventions

1) Is it original?

2) Is it effective?

3) Is it practical?

The Prizes

Sticking to the theme of inventing, the prizes for this competition all involve science, engineering or robotics.

We think that they're all awesome, hopefully you do too.

There are different choices for each category, to see the full list just click on the button!