Third Party (TPI) Vendor Inspection

Third Party (TPI) Vendor Inspection

Managing multiple vendors on a project is complicated and expensive, even more so if your inspection vendor isn't in the same country as the equipment or machinery you need inspecting. 

Our global network of third party vendor inspectors helps you review, test and validate the quality of your new equipment on location, saving you the time, cost and trouble of having to deal with it yourself. 


Global Network of Local Vendor Inspectors

Brunel serves as your single point of reference to access a worldwide network of offices and vendor inspection capabilities, servicing you in your time zone. We link our professional and local inspectors with your selected vendor, anywhere around the world, saving you time, travel and lodging expenses. Our global network of local inspectors supports both on-call and resident-based inspection services.


All-in-one Packages for Streamlined Support

We offer all-in-one support packages, covering source inspection, product assessment, vendor quality surveillance, compliance reports and expediting services, all coordinated in agreement with you.


Pre-Tested and Approved Upon Arrival

Our inspectors review, test and report back on your pre-ordered products during the actual manufacturing process, guaranteeing fully inspected equipment upon delivery.


Exceptional Vendor Selection

Your choice of vendor is based on selective production specifications, manufacturing compliance and expediting services. Our vendors have been fully verified and are qualified on production specifications, manufacturing, compliance and expediting services.

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