In Europe we support these resource industries;

The resource industry's global partner

Brunel specialises in delivering the workforce needs of the resource industry on both a global and local scale.

With almost 45 years' experience, we have developed into a global service provider with exceptional industry connections and a keen understanding of market conditions.

Simply put, we know what your business needs to succeed.

Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas industry is where we thrive.

Working closely with our clients to understand their needs, we provide services across the entire project lifecycle from exploration through to decommissioning.

In Europe we've partnered with companies everywhere from Norway to Greece, from the North Sea to the Black Sea, working on FPSO's, major pipelines, LNG projects, offshore exploration, onshore developments and more.

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Renewable Energy

The world is changing rapidly. Fossil fuel resources are declining and the demand for clean, renewable energy grows every year.

With such fast-paced change comes a unique set of challenges for companies who are looking to develop new projects.

Our services span the full project lifecycle, including research and development, planning, construction, installation and commissioning, operations and maintenance.

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With resource scarcity and market uncertainty making mining projects increasingly complex, the pressure to work efficiently, safely and cost-effectively is higher than ever.

To stay competitive, companies need a smart, flexible and ambitious workforce — from trades and craft to engineers and corporate personnel,

Brunel has the mining recruitment and services packages your project needs to thrive.

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