Project Engineering Tool Administrator


About this role: Project Engineering Tool Administrator

About this role: Project Engineering Tool Administrator

  • Promote & comply with applicable safety instructions and other company HSE procedures in all activities;
  • Carry out work in compliance with company values and policies, relevant laws and regulations, agreed company priorities and objectives, company standards and procedures and good industry practices;
  • Ensure the preparation and the set up of the 3D models delivered to the engineering CTR of MP;
  • Check that 3D model libraries are UpToDate;
  • Provide the backing sheets and available templates to the Contractors, ensure that their integration in AVEVA tools are properly managed by CTR, check that deliverables are issued at the requested format;
  • Work in coordination with company E&C referents, to ensure common and efficient administration rules in company;
  • Respond and guide CTR to solve issues faced by CTR with company provided libraries, database;
  • Provide guidance, support and respond to queries to the CTR in setting up and roll-out of the Engineering tools;
  • Ensure that models are developed in accordance with company standards, project specifications, procedures, within time frame while maintaining the highest work quality;
  • Perform regular audits of the 3d Models in AVEVA E3D and project engineering database in AVEVA instrumentation, electrical, diagrams, engineering with use of available checklists;
  • Manage and administrate AVEVA E3D, AVEVA Global, AVEVA Engineering, Aveva Instrumentation, Aveva Electrical and AVEVA Diagrams software in accordance with the company administration, audit & control procedures;
  • Perform routine checks of the AVEVA E3D, AVEVA Global, AVEVA Engineering, Aveva Instrumentation, Aveva Electrical and AVEVA Diagrams software Project database via data verification and project auditing and trouble shoot and resolve the issues;
  • Liaise with internal COMPANY's stakeholders including TRPs and CAD Administrators from other company divisions (including E&C, MP and CPD);
  • Participate in the preparation, modification and Issue for use of specifications and procedures for the management and control of AVEVA E3D, AVEVA Global, AVEVA Engineering, Aveva Instrumentation, Aveva Electrical and AVEVA Diagrams;
  • Assist project management team to finalize in contractual documents all points related to modeling and use of engineering design software’s using libraries, database, set up provided by company or with defined expectations of company;
  • Attend meetings with potential bidders, as required, during various stage of FEED & EPC CFT;
  • Keep a pro-active attitude in front of future interlocutors (contractors, vendors, etc.);
  • Treat all information obtained during course of the work with confidentiality;
  • Assist the contractors to issue all deliverables in smart pdf using Itools plug ins or others software’s;
  • Coordinate with CTR the development of plug ins that are missing to generate E documents in some disciplines;
  • Propose, promote and put in place any means/solutions to improve the project modelling by CTR and documents issuance in a more lean and reliable manner;
  • Ensure that relevant feedback from previous similar projects or any lessons learnt by others are considered in the design performance;
  • Participate in weekly and monthly meetings with Contractors, and in specific ad hoc meetings as required by management;
  • Request assistance from shareholder specialists (remote head office), when required;
  • Ensure detailed progress reporting to project management;
  • Assist project management team to reply to various correspondence by providing technical support;
  • Carry out any other duties or tasks that may be assigned by hierarchical superiors.




• Several years of experience required as administrator of AVEVA Global, AVEVA 3D model preferably within Engineering Contractors;

• Experience and skill of AVEVA instrumentation, electrical, diagrams, engineering software as administrator is required;

• Digital project experience and skill is a plus;

• Good level of technical understanding of all relevant technical disciplines;

• Available for world-wide missions;

• Language: fluent English;

• Computer literate;

• Good communication skills, ability to solve issues in a complex environment;

• Ability to work on projects in a complex and multicultural environment.

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